12 students from Yeungjin University in Korea joined ISF NET in 2023!

December 28, 2023

ISF NET, INC. announced that this fiscal year, 12 graduates from Yeungjin University in South Korea have joined the company.

ISF NET established ISF NET Korea (ISF NET Korea, Location: Seoul, CEO: Okin Heo) in 2006 and has been engaged in IT infrastructure outsourcing business in Korea, among others.

In 2017, we signed an agreement with Yeungjin University to provide human resource development, human resource exchange, and job creation and employment support.

We have been hiring students graduating from Yeungjin University since 2019, with 12 graduates joining us in 2023.

Yeungjin University graduates who have joined ISF NET have further learned IT technology in Japan and are working as IT infrastructure engineers to support Korean companies entering the Japanese market and Japanese companies entering the Korean market.

ISF NET will continue to collaborate with Yeungjin University in Korea to strengthen and expand its business not only in Japan and Korea but also globally.

New employees who graduated from Yeungjin University are currently participating in a training program where they learn business manners, company philosophy, and IT skills.

About ISF NET’s Business in Korea

With the cause of “Job Creation”, ISF NET GROUP has been committed to the development and utilization of global and diverse human resources under the corporate brand of “Human Resource Development Company”.

ISF NET established its base in Seoul, Korea in 2006 and has been developing various solutions to solve network-related issues faced by companies.

In addition, ISF NET has been cooperating and collaborating with Yeungjin University students and ISF NET’s Japan and Korea offices since 2017 in order to develop global human resources for the next generation.

ISF NET will continue working to create new employment opportunities by leveraging its expertise in employment support.

ISF NET’s efforts in the agreement with Yeungjin University

Considering that they may work in Japan in the future, we will provide education on Japanese culture and language, practical work experience, and training on business manners in Japan.

Human Resource Exchange
We provide opportunities for communication through receptions with ISF NET GROUP employees in order to better understand Japanese culture.

Job Creation and Employment Support
We create jobs and provide employment support for Yeungjin University graduates, with a target of 30 students each year.
In addition, we provide the education and training necessary for continued employment.

Future Initiatives

ISF NET will continue to serve as a “bridge” to support Korean companies entering the Japanese market and Japanese companies entering the Korean market.

ISF NET has employees of foreign nationality, with a high percentage of Korean nationals, and has a system in place to provide sales and technical support to the branch offices of Korean companies in Japan.

We will continue to actively recruit engineers of Korean nationality and develop human resources who can play an active role not only in Japan and Korea but also in the whole world.

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ISF NET is an IT infrastructure company with approximately 2,000 engineers providing solutions for cloud, server, network security, and other IT infrastructure needs. The company operates 15 offices throughout Japan, with additional offices in Korea, China and Singapore.
ISF NET, Inc.:https://www.isfnet.com/

– Representative: President Yukiyoshi Watanabe (Representative of ISF NET GROUP)
– Head office: 3F Oak Akasaka Building, 7-1-16 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan
– Established: January 12, 2000
– Capital: 100 million yen
– Number of employees: 2,460 (as of July 1, 2023), group total 2,578
– Sales: 14.1 billion yen (group total)

Outline of ISF NET Korea Co.Ltd

Representative: Okin Heo (CEO of ISF NET Korea Co.Ltd)
Office: 211 Grimbau Building 7F, Honji, Enan-ku,Seoul City
Establishment: January 6, 2006
website: https://www.isfnetkorea.com/

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